My first introduction to radio occurred while in High School.  Didn't really know what I wanted to pursue in continued education after High School.   A buddy of mine had a close circuit studio (radio) in his bedroom that would broadcast about 1 block, he and I would perform radio broadcasts from his place.  That along with my high school class led me into the field of radio broadcasting in the 1980's.  After marriage, broadcasting didn't pay the bills so I moved on to other work.  Eager to continue in the area of broadcasting/voice over but not finding the right venue, life went on until 2011.  At that time I found a "free" online platform to seek voice over work from clients,  with a computer already in hand I purchased a software program and a microphone (on a shoe string budget) and have been able to land hundreds of projects, have return clientele and have met many wonderful people in this part time business as a freelancer!

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"Very professional voice-over work.  Will use this freelacer again!!"

– Alpha Customer Care Solutions


"Charles did an amazing job for us and we will definitely be going ack to him in the future.  His work is done extremely fast with very high quality."

–  Austrailian Affiliate Marketing Company

"Exceptional voice talent.  Easy to work with, great professionalism."

– ProEffect Business Solutions

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